Back to the past Story

The explosion rocked the house. Dust and smoke was everywhere. I found, however, that I was far from home when the dust and smoke cleared.

Due to an accident involving a time machine that a friend made, I was sent back in time to September 11, 2001, without a way with which to get back. I even ended up in Afghanistan! I decided while I was here, I would go try to stop the events of 9/11, because what else would you do? I finally, after a long journey, made it to Al Qaeda, and said that I wanted to join. They reluctantly accepted after I had a long speech about how much I hated America, and how much I would bring to the group.

They reluctantly agreed, and allowed me to join Al Qaeda. They had no idea of my true intentions, that I really just wanted to stop the attacks on the twin towers. I packed up my stuff, or at least what I had with me, consisting of 200 nothings, and headed out to catch up with everyone else. Hopefully, while I'm here, I can at least help save the people in the World Trade Center.

When we went to the airport, I whispered to the person beside me, “Hey, this person’s a terrorist, pass it on.” Before long, everyone knew, and the terrorists were about as welcome as weaponry itself. I had saved the twin towers, and everyone aptly applauded me for a job well done.

I could get any one thing I wanted because of my heroism. I asked to be frozen so I could come back to 2015. They agreed, and I was so excited to return to my own time. I got into a machine and went to sleep. They flipped the switch. It was really cold now. Everything started to turn clear blue. I was finally going home!

I finally returned home in a puff of smoke, coughing my lungs out. My mom was so worried about me. She was furious at my friend for sending me back in time, and she vowed that no matter what, they were never to come back in this house, whether it was an accident or not. I reminded him that it was alright, because we would see each other at school, and then he left.

I will never forget what happened, and now no one remembers what normally happened on 9/11. I truly feel like a hero for preventing a crisis such as this. I had saved thousands of people, and that made me feel more special than I ever had before.

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