How has American society been represented in "Supersize Me"?

I believe that Morgan Spurlock, director of “Supersize me”, was trying to represent Americans as overweight, undereducated, people and in my opinion he wasn’t far off the real thing. Americans in the modern day have always been perceived as arrogant obese people especially by every other country in the world. But the ones like Spurlock have gone beyond the close minded American attitude to bring forward a serious problem, this problem being obesity. Which causes 1 in 5 deaths in the USA according to this website. Now can you see why this is becoming a problem?

The American attitudes towards fast food in “Supersize Me” has led viewers to believe that Americans idolize “Ronald McDonald” over the people that lead their country. This is seen in the scene where Spurlock shows children the images of Presidents and Fast food chain mascots.

The next point that comes to mind from this documentary is the corruption of young minds shown in the opening scene where the kids are singing and the clips from school cafeterias. It shows how parents are, in a way, encouraging their children to thrive of fattening, unhealthy foods. It makes a young mind think there is nothing else to eat other then this type of food, which sets their ideology of what is healthy and what is not on a bumpy path. Kids are still developing when young so why introduce them to such bad habits such as eating food that’s considered more of a luxury in other countries. You wouldn't give your child a cigarette while still growing so why give something that is just as bad.

The end is near and fat