High school Designs

School/Co. Irvin High School

URL: http://irvin.episd.org/

Rating: 3

Design: EPISD

Content: Informative

Features: Weather & events

School/Co. Andress High School

URL: http://andress.episd.org/

Rating: 3

Design: EPISD

Content: Informative

Features: Up to date information, such as testing days and etc.

School/Co. Riverside High School

URL; http://riversidehigh.yisd.net/

Rating: 2

Design: Very Plain

Content: Upcoming events

Features: Announcements and school news.

School/Co. Hollywood High School

URL: http://www.hollywoodhighschool.net/

Rating: 6+

Design: Really Cool and Attention getting

Content: Evertything

Features: News, events, etc.

School/Co. Lancaster High School

URL: http://lhs.lancasterisd.org/

Rating; 4

Design: Plain colors

Content: Plenty of Information relating to the school.

Features: academic & athletics


Why do you feel that some websites are good?

Some websites are appealing to the eye.  They are not plain nor simple.  Instead, they contain good designs with colorful decorations and informative text.

Why do you feel that some websites are not so good?

Some websites are not so good because they are plain or is too much detailed.  Other times, they have too much information that's useless.

Do others agree with your opinion?

Yes, other people do agree with my opinion. 

Does anyone disagree?

Other people do disagree with my opinion.  They believe that those types of websites can have accurate information while the design is not exaggerated.

Who is the target audience for a particular site?

The target audience are those who wish to look up the site and use it to their advantage. They continuously use that particular website as its beneficial and can refer to them.

How might website quality be judged differently across different audiences?

The website's quality can be judged differently across different audiences because we own have a separate opinion. We have different dislikes and likes that can impact the website.

Are there some qualities of websites that all audiences would agree are good? What are these qualities?

Color and pictures are some qualities that all audience can agree on.  They can both be appealing and can lead to new users which is beneficial.

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