How do you learn best?

Auditory, Visual or Tactile/Kinesthetic?

What type of learner do you think you are?  You will be taking a few quizzes to figure out which of the following ways you learn best:




Do you wonder what do these words even mean?  Use your dictionary app and write the definition of each word in notability under a note named "learning styles".  Remember to be a word detective to figure out the meaning!

Once you know what they mean, click on the padlet and put your name under the category of learner you predict you are.  Make sure you say WHY you think you are that type of learner.

Now its time to take a learning style quiz to find out!

Let's take one more learning style quiz to be certain of how we learn best.


Find out your learning style and create your own thinglink to represent you and your learning style.

1)  Take a creative picture.  Maybe one of you doing an activity of how you learn best!

2)  Add at least 7 bullseyes that tell us about yourself and your learning style and how you learn best!  You can use your results page from your quiz and your own research to find out. You can add pictures, video or text!

3) These thinglinks will be displayed at conferences so this should be a 4 effort and your VERY best work!

Created by: Mrs. Kentop