Goddess Girls
Aphrodite the Fair

                                                  By Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

    This book is about a god named Ares' birthday. His sister, Eris comes and brings a trophy with a golden apple on it. The trophy makes Aphrodite and Athena addicted to it. Their principal, Zeus decides to have a contest that split the students into Team Aphrodite or Team Athena. The team that win the contest gets the trophy.

Impressions: Overall, this book was very interesting and exciting. I was surprised when Ares' sister came to his party even though he didn't invite her. Also, since animals don't like Eris, I was shocked when Aphrodite's cat, Adonis, let Eris pick him up. I was relived when the contest was over, so there were no more fights and everything was back to normal.

Wonderings: Since Eris wanted to go to MOA, why did she return her school instead of staying?

Why didn't Aphrodite know about Ares' sister?

Why don't animals like Eris?

How did the food fight start in the cafeteria?