"Developing an action plan to deal with the problem of fighting"

1. "A written explanation of how our group could develop support from the government for our proposed policy."

A) The government officials and agencies that might be willing to support our policy would be the yor ( Kirk Caldwell ), and the governor ( Neil Abercrombie ) and if it passes, the president of the United States ( Barrack Obama ) The way we could have them support is to get their attention either with letters, emails, etc or strikes, boycotts to catch their attention about the fights that has been going on in Honolulu and in Kalihi. We could present the idea of how the fights are increasing and how it worsens yearly.

B) The people in our government that would oppose to our policy would be the police, because they're the ones who are watching the people do the community service and its on their hands if they behave or not. We can convince them by giving them a raise or a cookie to help out, or the chief in command of the police could fire them. We'd have to present the plan of the community service and convice them that its a good idea by giving them a great presentation and explanation.

2. "A written explanation of how our group could develop support among individuals and groups in our community for our proposed plan."

a) Sid Rosen might want to support our policy for community service. To gain his support, we might tell him that community service will occupy the teens activites of fighting into a more helpful manner.

b) Some of the Kalihi Gangs might oppose our policy. We could influence them to support our policy by telling them that it will keep them out of trouble and help them have a better future.


This chart is about teens under 18 that joined gangs in their local places and also adults drom age 18 and up.


This picture is about the police maintaining the crowd in town.


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During over the years, many of the teenagers like ages 13 to 18 join gangs for protection or for fun. The information is important because it shows how many teenagers and adults who joins gang every year.The soure of the information is from one of the sites that i've use to find out the gang fights for Hawaii. The source is accurate and reliable to use. The reason why this information existed is that we could know how many teenagers and adults joined gangs in Hawaii.

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