Influential Experiences

1. Switching schools from Montgomery High School to Cardinal Newman helped me meet new people. In terms of academics it made much more focused. It made me become a more rounded individual and to become more organized. It helped me set goals for myself and is making more prepared for college.

2. Football helped me become disciplined and taught me how to work with other people. It taught me how to persevere through arduous work in reaching athletic goals. Becoming part of a team helped me have better communication skills. It also shaped me to become a leader and have a better attitude towards experiences in my life.     

3. Traveling influenced me by experiencing different cultures. It made more adventurous and gave me an idea on how other people live their lifestyle. It gave me an opportunity to learn and experience historical events, places, as well as trying variety of foods. It gave me a perspective on how architecture was being built and how great the significance of drawings and paintings were.       

  • 1. Turning sixteen gave more responsibility so I will be able to drive. It lets me know that I should get good grades in school to earn my driving privilege. Driving makes me build confidence and to know my surroundings. Becoming sixteen made more focused towards my future in life.   

5. Religion helped me view the world in a better understanding way. It enlightened me as to how the universe is created and why people act the way they do. Being part of a religion helped emulated a path towards righteousness. It helped me overcome hardships and gave me answers to my problems and it taught me to be better person.        

6. I helped an old woman pedestrian when she fell and broke her clavicle. Calling the ambulance gave me a sense to help those around me becoming a better individual in society. It made me more confident and helped me react better under pressure. It helped me have good moral standards.  

7.Having brothers and a sister helped taught me to not make the mistakes that they made. They gave good influential advice on certain things in school and life situations. I felt a lot safer having a brother that could stand up for me. Living with siblings let me grow as an individual so I can be more responsible for myself.  

8. Hosting a foreign exchange student from China. It taught me how he lived his life everyday just by having him live in my home. It made me be more studious in school. It made me enjoy diversity by meeting a person from a different country.

9. Breaking a bone helped me build character since I had a disability. It taught me how to write with my left hand better and to become more social. It taught me to persevere through schoolwork and become a better listener. Breaking my arm helped me become a better person by being more supportive to others.   

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