The three traits  I chose were:
and Reliable

I am Inclusive because I try to make sure that everyone is included. There are lots of times where I've been inclusive around the school, Especially when we are doing dance, drama or gym, The reason I'm inclusive is because I don't want people thinking that they aren't wanted or appreciated.


I am also very involved around the school, one thing I'm very involved in is Me to We, Me to We is an organization that helps people all over the world get the necessities and rights a human being should have, I've been very involved in this club since grade 6 and I loved it from the start, I love the feeling of doing something good for your community, whether it's doing a food bank or helping the elderly down at the retirement home, I'd recommend it to to anyone who wants to get involved around Allan drive and gain confidence.

And finally I am reliable because I commit to the things I do, once I have a goal in mind I work as hard as I need to, to make it happen. I always get homework done and my friends know they can count on me to get my part of the assignment/project done.

Me to we logo

Quote: "love for others what you'd love for yourself" - Mohamed (S.A.W)

I've chosen this quote because it's something that I try to live by, imagining how it would feel to got through something negative you wish/hope for someone really changes the way you think and act.

                                LEGACY PARAGRAPHS

I think the image I present to society is being a nice, friendly,funny and caring person, I portray these traits because I treat people the same regardless of race, gender, skin colour and background, I do a lot things around the school like for example: Me to We, I've been very involved in this club since grade 6 and from all the experiences I've had from being in this group it's really made me more confident in everything I do, because of this I'm not scared to talk in front of my class/school. I also think overall that I'm a very caring person I keep my word and am always there for anyone who needs a hand, I always get my part of the job done and I don't rely on others, I rely on myself because even your shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.

Everyone has a Persona, some peoples persona changes around specific people, for example with friends you could be outgoing but around people you don't know you could be more reserved.
If I could portray a different persona I would wanna be more confident around people I don't know, I do feel feel like for the most part I am confident, but I'd like to be more confident around people that may be a little intimidating,I would also want to be louder, not as in loud annoying but as in letting my voice be heard when it should.
Overall I wouldn't want to change a lot about my persona, I feel that  I've already corrected the things that I needed to over the past 3 years, Allan drive really helped shape me into who I am now.

Sometimes people are seen in ways they wish not to be seen, this usually happens because people spread lies and rumours and judge People without knowing who they really are.
The way I'd like to be seen is as a hardworking, funny, caring, and intelligent person. In my opinions I think I'm mostly seen this way by people who know me, one thing I'd like to be more of is confident, I know I am but I feel not everyone sees that.
The legacy I'm leaving behind at Allan drive is to love for others what you'd love for yourself, to not waste time, respect people and also have fun. Honestly these 3 years flew by so fast, I think the most important thing to remember is to cherish every moment.

Everyone now has some sort of a social media platform, like for example twitter, Instagram, vine etc...
and sometimes you'll see people are different online than in real life, some are more confident some completely  different.
Online for the most part I feel I am mostly like I am in real life maybe a little  more confident but I'm not completely different.
My legacy in social media is basically the same as me leaving Allan drive, I don't post inappropriate things, intreat people with respect and I use  my Social media responsibly. I realize that everything I post will be on the internet forever and could possibly be used against me. Overall I think the legacy I'm creating on my social media is promoting unity among everyone and speaking the truth and whatever is on my mind.

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