Multiplying Fractions

As you can see in the picture, you multiply strait across to get your  answer. 4/16 is not the complete answer though. You have to simplify. That means you have to simplify 4 to 1 and 16 to 4, which means the complete answer is 1/4.

Formula and Solving

The formula for solving this equation is just multiplying across and simplify is possible. First, you multiply 2 and 3 and get 6. Secondly, you multiply 5 and 4, which is 20. That means your answer is 6/20, but you got to simplify. 6 is simplified to 3 and 20 is simplified to 10 so the answer is 3/10.

Solving mix numbers

All you have to do is multiply 2 and 1 and then add 1 to get 3/2. On the second one, you need to multiply 5 and 2 and then add one and get 11/5. Then you multiply those and get 33/11 and convert it to 3 3/10.

Do it yourself/mix-fraction

This is a do it yourself problem.

Do it yourself/fraction

Now this one yourself

Multiplying Fractions

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