What is Cyber Security

Steve Choi - Period 6 - AP Computer Science

Cyber security information technology security and focuses on protecting computers and data from unauthorized people.

A cyber security professionals are suppose to ensure a globalized economy based on the free movement of people and services. They also make sure that people online are in a safe environment. They keep hackers from getting inaccessible information.

You need to be a gadget addict because if you are uncomfortable with gadgets, you will dislike this job. Being a Cyber Security is all about solving long and excruciating problems so if you don't like thinking super hard, then this isn't the job for you.  In order to do this job well, you need to have a good motivation and do it with a positive attitude. If you are overwhelmed with problems like this, panicking will just make the problem even worse, so being calm is very important.  In order to see from the hackers point of view, you need to have a good imagination and put yourself in the shoes of the hacker and see where he is coming from. Being a good listener is important because every little detail is very important. Multitasking is very important, especially in this type of job.  You need to control multiple gadgets and do things simultaneously.  This type of job doesn't consist of just one member, its a lot of people working together to stop the hackers from advancing. Staying ahead of the learning curve will really put yourself up there with the other people who are good at cyber security and you will be able to fight against the hardest hackers. Paying attention to details is very important as every single detail is very crucial to cyber securty.

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