Politics were not all that smart in any way. Now why would you have a emperor that could be over run. All that it would take is a shogun smart enough to realize his powers. I have now realized the opportunity that this has brought myself. I shall become a emperor and immediately change the rules! now for myself if i would have been in this time period and if i was a citizen i would notify my people apon this especially if i did not dispice the ruler.                                                                                                                                                                          

Economy was based on a simple feudal system. although it never really made sense. it was alot different from any other society simply because they were isolated.  they only had native food and there own way of knowledge. except if they let the chines and Dutch in other then that though it was isolated. but then once Japanese got into the new world they got took advantage.

society. well to be truthful there wasn't much of one. they had a system that seeing as they weren't allowed contact with the outside world so they had no knowledge and then they would get took advantage of. during the rest of the society they knew hot to deal because of the fur trade. they all wanted to be relived into the new way of life as of america.

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