My Favorite Season

What the season smells like pumkin spice mmm so calming. The smell of cinnomin sticks so seducting. The smell of roasting pumpkin seeds so heavenly. But the best of them all the pies. The many many pies. It looks like beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows. It looks like falling leaves, and beautiful yet sad falling leaves. Along with the beautiful birds migrating to the south for warmth. It sounds like leaves falling to the ground and being crunched by childrens feet on the playground as the whistiling wind makes the children shiver in their coats and boots. Foods, oh the foods of Thanksgiving so yummy the turkeys, pies, cranberry sauce, and cheesy potatoes are. The season makes me feel warm, cozy, even soft inside. The worst part is that it has to go so soon. The weather is so perfect it is unbeleiveable, it is so good it makes me smile. But the best part is that it is a happy medium in the weather.

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