I Save Energy. I use Belkin

By Dhara Shelat & Kiran Barik

What Needs To Change

At Coppell Middle School West, and many other schools, it has been a problem that we often leave things plugged in. When leaving things plugged in WE WASTE ENERGY!

SOLUTION------- The Belkin Conserve Socket with Timer

Cost and Saving

In Coppell Middle School West, there is an estimated amount of 600 needed Belkin Conserve Surge Protectors with Timers. The cost of one surge protector from the Belkin Official Company is $29.99. The estimated amount of money we would need to meet the supply at West is $18,000.

At many schools, they spend $100,000 per month on energy bills. Overall, the Belkin Surge Protector will cut down the energy bills rapidly because we are not using much energy. We would be using energy efficiently. We can pay less than half of $100,000 when we use this product.


Miss. Perez, the CISD energy director, will be the one who we need to get permission from to put this into our school. She would be in charge of making sure that at West, we are taking care of the goods.

This idea does not need much maintenance because it is just something you just simply plug-in, but we should make sure we handle them with care. One thing we would need to do is manage the timers. Over-all, it is not that much work.


The Belkin Conserve Surge Protector with Timer is a very reasonable item. Also, it is affordable and easy to get for our school. It is nothing that cost money to put in and it is easy to use. Just plug it into your outlet!


It is very beneficial to our school because:

1) It's better for the environment

2) School would be saving money

3) We would be saving energy

4) We would have more money saved for other school events!


The impact on energy savings would be amazing. We would save more energy and money without having to do much. It will still seem like you are plugging-in any ordinary item but you aren't… You are saving ENERGY!

Current money Usage

What is it?


Watch and read on this webpage to find out more!


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Use the Belkin Conserve Surge Protector with Timer!
So you can save like a boss!

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