The six kingdoms, biotic abiotic environment, characteristics of living things

Ecology is the study of interactions of living organisms and there environment. How does the milk on your table get there? Ecology  is basically how every thing works and interacts with its environment.

individual and population


This is a mahi mahi in the ocean. The single mahi mahi is the individual, The school of them is the population. Population means all of a single species in a certain area. Individual means one organism that belongs to a population. For example a fly is an individual. Flies are a population. The individual's habitat is the ocean, There are many populations and individuals there. The mahi mahi lives in warm salt water. One of the foods they eat is shrimp

community and ecosystem

This is a picture of an ecosystem and all the organisms that live in it.

Parasitism, where one organism benefits and causes harm to the other organism an example is a fly and a cow 

Commensalism, where one organism benefits while the other organism is not an example is a bird and a tree Mutualism,where both organisms benefit example people and dogs

ecosystem- is where abiotic and biotic organisms interact

community is all the living organisms around an organism

Organisms use all three of these things to create a community. A community is the animals around that animal. They are of all different species. Some animals use parasitism to get energy, Some use mutualism, Some use commensalism. Without each other the animals could not survive.


The first picture is a plant, it is a plant because it makes its own food and has a cell wall. The second picture is a is a fungi it has to get food from other things,it can not make its own food.the third picture is a euglena it has only one cell that is how it is a Protista. The fourth picture is a fly, it is in the animal Kingdome because it gets its own food and has more than one cell.

food chain

food chain

The bird in the picture is the consumer. it consumes everything. It has to have lots of energy to be able to fly around and look for prey, the prey knows the bird is the consumer and has different sorts of evasion. The reason the bird is the consumer is because the bird is the top of the food chain. It is a heterotroph which means it has to go get its food, it has to find prey it cannot make its own.

producer- anything that can make its own food

abiotic factors

These are three abiotic factors. The reason they are abiotic factors because they are not alive they cannot perform the basic factors of life. Abiotic factors have a huge impact on the environment even though they are not alive, for example the polar ice caps. Abiotic factors can also influence genetic traits like thick fur or good eyesight. Without abiotic factors many animals would not have protection. Many animals blend in with their abiotic environments.


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