Love Knows No Distance

2013: I said "Yes"

To start off with, 2013 was filled with goodbyes, tears, lonely nights, but yet a new beginning. This is the year I learned what kind of love it takes to be in a long distance relationship. Rewind 5 years, I was a pool attendant crushing on the lifeguard. Little did I know that this guy would soon be my life long best friend. We were inseparable. Fast forward to 2013, it was time for a new beginning. He was off to boot camp to begin his dreams of pursuing a life in the military. I can't say it has been easy, but our love for each other has reached new boundaries. 2013 brought us even closer even though we were miles apart. It was also this year that he proposed :) For a guy that is by no means secretive, he was able to pull off a beautiful engagement ring all while in basic training. To say the least, even though in 2013 I spent a mere 20 days out of the 365 days with my fiancé, it has been one of my most cherished years. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

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