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Algebra 2

Room 929

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About Me

This is my fourth year at LNHS and my fifth year teaching.  I have a degree in math as well as a masters in education from Truman State University (great school!).  In addition to teaching, I coach the men’s and women's rugby teams at LNHS.  

Course Overview

Algebra 2 is the last required math course at Liberty North.  The course takes Algebra 1 topics and explores them in more depth.  Students can expect a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for future math classes as well at the ACT.


  1. Read, understand, follow instructions, and use arithmetic computations for a variety of practical problems.
  2. Access, interpret, and evaluate information when encountering a mathematical situation.
  3. Approach problems critically and strategically.
  4. Apply math skills essential for success in the work force and/or in higher education.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency with the technological tools necessary for successful problem solving.

Necessary Materials

Everyday, you will need:

  • Pencil and eraser
  • Paper
  • Computer with charger
  • Recommended Calculator - Scientific Calculator TI 30XS MultiView
  • Access to text (electronic)
  • Student id

To access our textbook online this year you need to set up an account.
Go to, set up an account and enter your class access codes:
Algebra 2 Access Code:

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District Grade Scale

90 – 100% A

80–89% B

70–79% C

60–69% D

0 – 59% F

Your overall grade will be weighted. Tests will count towards 85% of your grade and homework will be worth 15%.

Checking Student Achievement

A student’s achievement level will be solely based on how well you, the student, demonstrate your understanding of the course concepts. Student achievement will be measured through the following processes:

Homework:  Students will be guided through practice using videos, teacher lecture and group work.  Homework assignments will vary from online practice to paper/pencil practice.  Homework will be assigned almost daily and will be graded on completion. Each assignment will be worth 10 points.  Late work will be accepted but only while we are still in the chapter.  For example, if the class is in Unit 2, you can not turn in missing work from Unit 1.  

Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given 2-3 times per unit.  They are meant to check your understanding of the homework.  Quizzes will be announced in class.  There are no retakes.

Tests:  A test will be given after each unit.  Tests will be announced ahead of time in class.  I will offer 2 retakes during 1st semester on Unit exams.  Retakes must be completed on a designated day.


If you miss class for any reason it is your responsibility to look on my website and get the assignment.  For the first day you are absent, you get two extra days and one extra day for each subsequent absence.  If you miss a test or quiz it is your responsibility to reschedule it.  

Additional Help

If you find yourself studggling, do not wait until you get an F on the test to talk to me about it.  I offer tutoring hours in the morning and during Eagle Hour.  Your grade is your responsibility and falling behind early is not a good plan!

Office Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 7:20am-8:00.  You must send me an email to set up a time or you may run the risk of me not being there.  


Online Tools

Students will be expected to keep up with the course on Blackboard.  The daily objectives, notes and activities will be posted.  Other web tools will be used to reinforce learning including those with videos, graphs, and more practice.  The textbook will also be online with an optional PDF download.

Technology and Other Policies

Technology is a great privilege but it is not a right.  Any time I am addressing the class laptop lids should be shut and students should be attentive.  There may be some occasions when I have you working with an online math tool during lecture but for the most part, laptops will be away during that time.  When we are using the laptops, you are only allowed on sites I have directed you to.  You are allowed to listen to music while working on homework but if this privilege is misused it may be taken away.  Phones need to stay away during class.

You may have food such as small quick snacks in my room but do not bring in entire meals.  Drinks must have secure lids.

Please do not get up from your seats during lecture.  Wait to get up until I am finished.

The only area in the room off limits is my desk.  There is no need to be around my desk unless I have asked you to do so.

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