A Boy on his own

The Contender - Full of exciting, dramatic, and intense chapters.

Robert was living an okay life when he gets into something he never should have been apart of, and now he's scared. He starts going to Mr.Donatelli's gym and learns to be a contender.

About the book:

1. Alfred Brooks is a high school dropout living with his Aunt Pearl and her 3 daughters.

2. He begins to train boxing because he has a few issues going on in his life.

3. His best friend, James is sent to jail and is on probation for robbing a grocery store that Alfred works at.

4. Major, the guy that is out to get Alfred,is responsible for putting James on drug addiction.

5. Alfred soon learns that there is more than just fighting and becoming a contender.

James decides to go with Majors gang to rob the grocery store and the get caught
Alfred has a special connection with his Aunt Pearl and her three daughters.

Alfred's Aunt takes him in when his mother dies because he no longer is with his father.

In the end, Alfred realizes that friendship and family is more important than being a contender.

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