Yasmine Hassan

Day 1:

This was from my first day at camp. We all played some ice-breaking games and tried to get to know each other. Uthman and I worked with and coded Finches as a team. At first, it was very difficult because the finches weren't following the commands we wanted. But after some time, we got the hang of it and easily steered our finch through the obstacle course. Together we came in first place with our time of 26 seconds.

Day 2:

On day two of camp, we began by working with Squishy Circuits. Ayah, Josh, Jawaun and I were all on the same team. We tried many different things but because we were running out of time, we had to settle on two lighthouses with different colored LED's. It was really difficult trying to connect the LED's without the pieces of dough touching. We also worked with Snap Circuits. This time we had an all girls team of Ayah, Nyrel, Julianna, Bridget and I. We managed to create a musical symphony with an attached fan and LED. It was easy and very fun. Lastly we worked on getting an LED to blink using an Arduino board. That was tricky but also fun.

Day 3:

On day 3 of camp, we began by watching videos about Squishy and Snap Circuits and breadboards. We then broke into teams and worked on 4 different stations. At my team's first station, we began by using tutorials and learning how to make our own breadboard circuits. Our second station was learning how to solder and then soldering our own Makerbot pin with LED eyes.  At station 3, my team and I worked with Makey Makey. I even got to play an online piano using the Makey Makey board. At the 4th and final station, we worked with Servos. I was able to make the circuit with the Arduino and breadboards. I then applied two different codes. The first made my Servo operate by turning a know. The second code had my Servo "sweep" endlessly on its own. I learned a lot today and had a lot of fun.

Day 4:

During day 4, we tried to make an automatic bubble machine. My team was made up of Nyrel, Ayah, Bridget and I. Bridget and I had to handle the soldering of the arduino boards. Nyrel and Ayah took care of putting together the body of the machine. After we successfully soldered the boards and built the body, we had to make a fan and get it to blow bubbles. Unfortunately, we couldn't make a fan that spun at the right speed to blow the bubbles.

Day 5:

On day 5, we began by watching videos about different projects that we would be able to do. Then we made light up pins using LED's and colorful foam. I made a smiling Ice-Cream Cone with blue lights.  After that we all chose projects that we would be able to make individually. I chose to make a light up sneaker and baseball hat. As an additional project, i'm going to make a Quad-copter with Corbett and Matt.

Day 6:

Today, on the 6th day of camp, we began by playing a round of Exquisite Corpse. Following the end of the game, we all received plain black t-shirts and began decorating them. We made pockets and drew on the shirts with puffy-paint. After I was don drawing and decorating, I set up a circuit with 3 LED's and a 9V battery.  At first it seemed difficult to try and keep everything together, but in the end I succeeded and made one awesome shirt.

Day 7:

On day 7 of camp, we began by watching more videos about Makey Makey. Next we worked on making our own eye-catchers. I made mine to resemble a lighthouse, and I even added an LED's. After finishing up with those we got to take a break and play around outside for a while. We then came inside and started creating our own Makey Makey controllers using things like: paper, copper tape, aluminum foil, and the Makey Makey boards of course. Creating my 'lighthouse' was easy, but the making my controller was more of a challenge for me, since I couldn't come up with any creative ideas. I can't wait for tomorrow to start on my independent projects, that should be really fun.

Day 8:

On day 8 of camp,we began on our individual projects. Ayah and I worked really hard all day to try and get our NeoPixel LED lights to work. We had to use an Adafruit Gemma which made the process extremely difficult. By the end of the day we got the LED's to light up and flash according to a code we uploaded onto our hardware. It didn't work exactly the way we wanted, but at least it lit up!

Day 9:

On day 9 of camp, everyone worked on their independent projects. I started by making my Firewalker LED sneakers. At first, it was really difficult to get the circuit to stay together. But after some time, I finally got everything to work out perfectly. I ended up finishing up my sneakers early, so I had a lot of extra time. So then I helped out Jawaun with his LED socks.

Day 10:

This was the final day of maker camp. We all worked on finishing up our individual projects. I was able to perfect my shoes and finish my hat. Both were made using blue LED strips. And both turned out wonderful. Near the end of the day, we started working on setting up for the showcase where would be able to show off all the projects we made during the duration of Maker Camp. All i've got to say is that Maker Camp was a blast!