James Foskett Book Blogs #2
Mrs. berrisford

The conflict of this book monster is about a 16 year boy who was arrested with accompanied of murder of a man who was running a drug store in their area. So Steve is going to court and the jury and the judge are seeing if he is guilty of his crime. There are quite a lot of people who are involved in this conflict Steve’s lawyer and other people who are involved with this robbing and the killing of the store owner of the drug store. Steve seems to be really worried about the whole situation although he does believe that he didn’t do anything wrong. Steve’s lawyer throughout the book doesn’t believe that Steve was innocent. The other people who were also at the courthouse (King and Bobo) acted like the whole situation was not that a big deal. I personally think how the conflict of this story should be resolved is that Steve should be innocent and the rest of the people should be sent to 25 to life for the brutal murdering of an innocent man that Steve did not have a part of. This problem I would problem freak out and not know to do. I honestly do see myself in this kind of situation. I have stolen things but I don’t think I could allow the situation to get that bad. If it did I would stay so I wouldn’t seem like I was running from people. If I went to court I would be really scared but calm at the same time. I have been to court twice in my life and I already know what the feeling is like.

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