Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous rocks.

Metamorphic rock:file:///Users/hjh8117/Desktop/images.jpeg

Rock Name: Serpentinite

How it is classified: Green, rough, and heavy.

How it is formed: Through the process of serpentinization.

Where it is mostly found: Rochester, Vermont, USA

How the rock is used: Sculptures, jewelry, and other decorative purposes.

Sedimentary Rock:

Rock name:  Obsidian

How it is classified: Glassy, shiny, smooth or rough, black.

How it is formed: When felsic lava extrudes from a volcano, cooling quickly.

Where is it mostly found: Around active Volcanoes. For example: Argentina, the U.S.,  Australia, etc.

How the Rock is used: a knives, spear tips, etc.

Sedimentary Rock:

Rock Name: Dolomite

How it is classified:  "A calcium magnesium carbonate"

How it is formed: Dolomite crystals fill pores in their host Rock.

Where it is mostly found: Most European areas, Africa, and Canada

How the Rock is used: The stone, not the mineral, has many uses. One being in the construction industry:  The Rock is crushed and used as a road base, an aggregate for asphalt, etc. It is also used in the  chemical industry and the farming industry.

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