Basic Excel

Goals of this session: data entry, explanation of basic excel tools and terms, basic formatting tasks


  • Become familiar with terminology and tools
  • Create a simple workbook
  • Add columns, rows, and pages
  • Explore the formatting options within a sheet or workbook
  • Create and explore formulas and sorting
  • Add and edit borders within a worksheet

Success Criteria:

  • Participants can explain common basic excel vocabulary terms (spreadsheet, workbook, worksheet, cell, cell name, merge cell, border lines, gridlines, sorting, filtering)
  • Participants can create a workbook.
  • Participants can add data to excel spreadsheet.
  • Participants can use basic text formatting in spreadsheet (i.e. color, font type, size, bold, italicize, underline).
  • Participants can add new and adjust column/row widths and heights.
  • Participants can adjust margins and page orientation (I.e. to fit data in printable document).
  • Participants can merge cells (i.e. to create headings for data table).
  • Participants can change the cell color.
  • Participants can add border lines.
  • Participants can use the sorting and filtering functions
  • Participants can use the AVERAGE formula to find the average of a column or row.

Tasks and Data Sheets Used During Inservice

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