Diana Harashchenko
Real me

                      My favourite quotes:

1. It's weird how in a matter of seconds you could just be a memory.

2. If you want the rainbow, you have to face the rain.

3. Maybe one day we'll find the place where our dreams and reality collide.

4. The scariest thing about distance is that you don't know whether they'll miss you or forget you.

5. I wonder how people describe me when they're talking about me to someone who's never met me.

         5 people from any field that you would like to have dinner with:

1. Hash Grier

2. Amanda Centry

3. Crawford Collins

4. Lycia Faith

5. Rajiv Dhall

                       My favorite 5 places around the world:

1. Skaftafell, Island

2. Hotel Four Seasons Hotel, Bora-Bora

3. Benteng Chittorgarh, India

4. Hotel Golden Eye, Jamaica

5. Awapuhi Trail Kauai, Hawaii

      2 of my favorite books:

1. Joyce, James "Chamber Music"

2. Georges Simenon "Cecil died"

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