Ancient Egypt!

By: Faiza Aaliya Mohammed
Edmodo Tackk Assignment


What were the Ancient Egyptians like back then? What did they do that we do today? All of this information is just a click and a scroll away! Uncover the facts about them that are mysterious to all of us....

What are pyramids?

The pyramids in Ancient Egypt were important places. Most of them were built near Giza. In total, there are 80 known pyramids today. The pyramids were important because the pharaoh's and queen's coffins were kept there. The pyramids were in the time of the Old Kingdom, varying in different sizes.

The Nile (blue and white)

The Nile river is located in the northeast part of Africa. It begins near the equator, and goes north towards the Sahara Desert. The Nile is considered a gift, since it had flourished for over 3,000 years. The Blue Nile was known for its tributaries, but supplies less water than the White Nile. The White Nile is known for its massive amounts of good water.

Daily Life In Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians we think we know are often misunderstood. The Egyptians were not obsessed with death, but with life! They very much enjoyed their lives, doing things we do today, but an important thing they did was care for their children. Children were the heart of the family, and were taught ot be kind,honest, and to help others. Everybody wanted a child. If they didn't have one, they would adopt one. "Ma'at" means order and justice, and this is what the Ancient Egyptians tried to include in their everyday lives.


The Ancient Egyptians first started to bury their dead in pits in the desert. The heat of the sand caused the bodies to dry, which created life-like,natural mummies. Later, they started to put the bodies in coffins, to protect them from wild animals. They realized the bodies wouldn't decay in them. So, now they try to make them seem natural as possible.


The Ancient Egyptians believed in Polytheism, the worship of many gods. They believed in over 2,000 gods and goddesses, but some people did not believe in all of them. Most of the gods were part human and part animal. The Book of the Dead contained many beliefs and theories they had. One legend about how the world got created was that the world started as a world devoured in black ocean. Then, a mound of dirt appeared and the sun god Re appeared. Re make the sun and many other things. Other people have made many other legends.

Ancient Egypt's Geography

Ancient Egypt was divided into two parts. The parts were Black Land and Red Land. The Black land represented a fertile area, where there was black, rich silt and a source of water. The Red Land represented desert, where no crops could be grown. But, this are provided a good area to mine for metals and semi-precious stones/gems.


All in all, the Egyptians were smart and clever people. It has uncovered many facts for us today. This proves that we've majorly advanced! How do YOU think we advanced?

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