How did ancient Egyptian religion affect how they live?

Ancient Egypt's Gods

In early times each tow had their own town god. When the town grew in influence their town god became even more important. The temples were raised to amon throughout ancient Egypt. One of the gods was Buchis he was a white bull with black markings. His hair changed colour every hour. There were important deities such as Nut and Hathor. Nut was the goddess of the sky. Hathor was the god of joy. The most impotent god was Isis. Osiris ruled over vegetation and the dead. Amon-Re became the chief deity . The main god was the sun go Amon-Re. Aton was a sun god. Akhenaton returned to supremacy of the sun god.  

This is Buchis the bull
These are the gods and goddess of ancient egypt including Hathor .

Ancient Egypt's worship

The people in ancient Egypt worshiped gods. All the people in the town worshiped the god Amon-Re. Thebes became the capital of the worship in the towns. Buchis was worshiped as a favorite incarnation war god.

This is a ancient Egyptian worshiping a god.

Antcient Egypts people

The ancient Egyptians believed that various deities influenced every aspect of nature and human activity. The priests main job was to serve the deity king. There are three class levels in ancient Egypt. There is a high class, a middle class, and a low class. Central to Egyptian religion was Maat. There are 10 types of Egyptian religion.

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