What will you loose when you bring?

want a cure to stop some more, bring along lithium and keep control!



So in the face of danger dontchya worry! With Lithium you can protect yourself creatively :)

Off to a new planet? Working on survival strategies? Don't know what to bring along on your wild adventure? Well i have something to offer that you wouldn't want to miss out on! An element under the name Lithium.

Maybe you have something already in mind....Well get it out because this is something you would really like to bring along on your voyage!

Our wonderfully invented element Lithium is located in group 1 period 2 of the periodic table of elements, and falls under the category of a metal. With an atomic number of 3 and an atomic mass of 6.94 how interesting. Though don't worry these are just characteristics of this element, what you really have to know are the common uses of our good friend Lithium. There are two main uses for this:

1.) is the use of lithium in all of our batteries that we use everyday. Just think about it we use batteries in our flashlights, remote controls, controllers, electric flossers  and many more. How would you be able to do most of your life with out batteries and Lithium is a big contribution.

2.) Believe it or not this element is used in medicines and prescription drugs for bipolar disorder, and maniac episodes. This means if you became going crazy, having intense mood swings, or even the fatal of all suicidal thoughts this would be prescribed to you. Since Lithium has an anti suicidal mood control effect it is perfect if it comes to this measure.

So if you had ever come in a desperate need of light because of lithium you could bring a flashlight to shine your way, and make sure that you are safe. Also if you feel you are about to loose your mind a bit of this powder should keep you calm and sane. Or in terms of an enemy then you could leave some out or offer it t keep them calm and perhaps even save your life and help theirs.

A little scared.....maybe DISTURBIA can give you the right feeling! So save your self and protect with Lithium you wont regret it!

So in the face of danger dontchya worry! With Lithium you can protect yourself creatively :)

Lithium is a great tool to use everyday against the unknown you may run into, so i ranked it a 4.

Lithium is a great tool to hang on to so i wouldn't want to barter it around, you wouldn't to once you got a hold of it!

Lithium is a good thing to hang on to if you go loco..... you know what i mean?

It is a great tool to defense yourself against the unknown, since it can provide you with light because of the battery used in a flashlight, and a mental breakdown that may even make you your own enemy...... think bout that?

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