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Brief History:

Lone Nomad explorer Lad Masolis,year 1847, during an expedition traveling overseas alone, Lad was very low on food and fresh water but a landmass appeared of a strange shape he has not seen before. Upon arriving at shore, he was greeted by a young white male with a firm and strong, masculine structure speaking a bizarre language he has not heard or even thought had existed. He decided to teach the stranger English in exchange for food and shelter. Together, they both founded and created Berzinamal but the continent was not named Asimovv until 1940,named after the famous scientist and author Isaac Asimovv, who helped schools in Berzinamal transit into education and scientific purposes at the time. In the end, Lad was ultimately killed by a Haematuria disease in 1877, while the stranger lived to the age of 89 in the year 1917.


Asimovv faintly believes in Christianity and Catholitism, going to church every weekend is not required or mandatory but churches are still an option. Praying at home is recomended for firm believers.

Political and Social Organization:

A firm government that believes in Democracy, Asimovv carefully regulates use of money, distribution of trade, congress, social security, health care, etc. However, the people of Asimovv has equal rights of power, laws can be created by Asimovv's government but the people have a right to vote Yay or Neigh if a new law will be passed down. To counteract this however, majority of votes from congress can also negate the votes of the people. Other countries have mixed feelings of Asimovv's government, some support the idea of "Power to the People" while others think citizens are given too much power.


Asimovv uses a new type of currency named Astrus:

1,0 Astrus = $2.38 USD

10,0 Astrus = $23.80 USD

This currency is paper money only, no coins are distributed.

Min. Wage: 3,27 A P/h


Asimovv's education is Number-and-Letter based, similar to the U.S:

Z: 100 - 88

E: 87 - 75

A: 74 - 62

B: 61 - 0

Z through A is considered a passing grade. Anything below is failing.

Senior: 20

Junior: 19

Sophmore : 18

Freshman: 17

8th - 1st: 16 - 10

24 all purpose credits and 8 English credits and is required to graduate High School, School is free until College. Astronomy is heavily studied in Asimovv.

Security / Protection

Citizens have a right to bear arms to protect themselves and family members from harm. Police and Special Forces where also made to serve and protect. Asimovv has its own Military force to prevent or engage war upon other countries if necessary, and is currently in alliance with the U.S. Armed Forces.


Bautansic (Silent C), is a forgotten tongue that has an unknown history that explains where the language is originated, some believe it was a language commonly used by Nordic gods and angels form long ago. An uncommon language, Bautansic is regularly spoken in Asimovv today. Think of Bautansic as a flavored mixture of Italian and Scandinavian (Swedish) languages but with sharper sentence pronunciations and a distinct Russian accent.

Climate Region:

Most of Asimovv has a humid subtropical climate with very hot summers and mild winters with common cold spells. Rainfall falls at least 87 days of the year, depending on the region and area. Asimovv has been natural disaster free since a powerful tsunami from 1962. Asimovv is also considered a Mediterranean and mountain continent.


Asimovv is strongly multicultural so daily meals and favorite buys (Snacks) are derived from many cultures, favorites are such as American, Japanese and Indian foods.


Asimovv is a rich country, overflowing with valuable minerals and resources, business propositions and mining deals are daily requests. Modernized cities with advanced technology in every corner are the flagships of Asimovv, the city of Berzinamal being the capitol star about the size of New York City. Modern small towns are also present while some Old World villages just refuse the change. Families commonly buy average to large sized houses.

Relationship to Family:

Very identical to U.S. Families:





Pet (Optional)

Divorce and/or separation between husband and wife is legal.

Creative Expression:

Entertainment can be found anywhere in Asimovv, large cities are common places for Festivals, Recreation and Amusement Parks. Prestigious sports teams, especially Baseball games are favorites. Movie theaters can also be found in many places. Other sights and views such as Tengan Toppa (Reach for the Heavens)Tower, Mountain Range Skna, and a mysterious Greek stone temple are famous sight views.

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