The University of Texas at Austin

"What starts here changes the world."

Mascot: Bevo

History and Origin

The Congress of the Republic of Texas set aside an area to reach the states educational needs in 1839. It was established to be called the "university of the first class" in 1876. After Austin, TX was chosen as the site for the new university, construction began in November, 1882. On September 5, 1883, the first building to be constructed (the main building) was open containing 1 proctor, eight professors, and 221 students. The university was later named the University of Texas at Austin with more than 51,000 students per year.

Fight Song


There are many traditions that can be displayed either on or off campus. Some of the most famous traditions are:

-The Tower: This is the most popular tradition. The bell at the top of the tower chimes every 15 minutes and at 12:50 p.m., the university's carilloneur plays a song as students go to their classes. This occurs only three times a week since 1956.

- Big Bertha is "The Largest Bass Drum in the World" and is an important part of the Longhorn band. The band plays for every game or event, so the drum is essential.

- "Hook 'em Horns" symbol. People use this symbol in and outside of campus to show school pride.

- "Smokey the Cannon" which is a replica of the civil war cannon and is fired before each Texas football game.

Admission Requirements (SAT/ACT scores)

2014 SAT/ACT Scores

Summer/Fall Incoming Freshmen

  • Mid 50% SAT range: 1750 – 2070
  • SAT Average: 1901
  • Mid-50% ACT range: 26 – 32
  • ACT Average: 29

For Enrolled Students by Applicant TypeAutomatically Admitted Texas Students (top 7%):

  • SAT (out of 2400): 1874
  • ACT Composite: 28

Texas Students not Automatically Admitted:

  • SAT (out of 2400): 1947
  • ACT Composite: 30

Out-of-State Students:

  • SAT (out of 2400): 2000
  • ACT Composite: 30

International Students:

  • SAT (out of 2400): 1925
  • ACT Composite: 30

Costs and Tuition

The University of Texas at Austin offers reasonable prices and is considered one of the best values.

On-campus Housing Costs (2014 – 15)

  • Shared space begins at $9,272 and goes up to $11,672
  • Single space begins at $11,156 and goes up to $15,441 (Few single spaces are available; most are assigned to returning residents.)

Estimated Undergraduate Flat-Rate Tuition and Fees (2014 – 15)

  • Texas resident $9,346 – 10,738
  • Non-resident $33,264 – 38,126

Estimated Total Cost of Undergraduate Education (2014 – 15)

  • Texas resident $25,862 – 27,254
  • Non-resident $43,130 – 47,018

Degree Plan

All-Levels Theatre Edu Conc

THEA 2110Practicum I Please Choose a Course Below:
THEA 2110 | THEA 2301Principles of Scenic & Lighting Design Please Choose a Course Below:
THEA 2301 | THEA 2303Acting I
THEA 2303 | THEA 3110Practicum II
THEA 3110 | THEA 3322Script Analysis
THEA 3322 | THEA 3325Directing I
THEA 3325 | THEA 3341Principles of Costume Design
THEA 3341 | THEA 3351Theatre History & Literature I
THEA 3351 | THEA 3352Theatre History & Literature II
THEA 3352 | THEA 4110Practicum III
THEA 4110 | THEA 1303Voice and Movement
THEA 1303 | THEA 2304Theatre Graphics & Technology
THEA 2304 | THEA 3304Scene Study I
THEA 3304 | THEA 3306Scene Design
THEA 3306 | THEA 3313Scene Study II
THEA 3313 | THEA 3342Lighting Design
THEA 3342 | THEA 3344Costume Design
THEA 3344 | THEA 4300Advanced Directing
THEA 4300 | THEA 4332Advanced Scene Design
THEA 4332 | THEA Elective(Select THEA 4312 or 4314)

THEA 4312 | THEA 4314 |

Career Description

Major: Theatre Arts

Theatre Acting is when actors perform plays and other productions and sometimes go on tour. They portray certain emotions in a play or skit that to make the audience feel a certain type of way. They have a talent for entertaining others and perform in front of live audiences. The median salary for actors working for companies is around $22.78 per hour and about $57, 428 annually.

Job Requirements

Getting a B.A. in Theatre allows actors to learn acting skills, the acting environment, and practice dramatic expression in front of an audience. If an actor chooses to take other classes other than acting, having a 4-year bachelor's degree can provide classes, such as directing, theatre history, makeup, costume design, theater technology, and other acting courses as well. Becoming a theatre actress may be difficult because it requires natural acting talent. Actors have to be persistent in pursuing auditions to receive an acting career. They also have to have the capability of memorizing scripts and be able to cope with large amounts of pressure.

Cover Letter

Brianna Contreras

Blue Theatre

916 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX, 78702

May 19, 2015

Good evening Brianna,

I am applying for a position at the Blue Theatre for acting in response to our meeting at the University of Texas at Austin.

I am currently in the process of majoring in Fine Arts and want to pursue my dream of becoming an actress. I would love the privilege to be able to attend your association. I have been in many theatre productions previously and have been complimented on my work. I work well with others and I try hard to improve a scene by adding creative ideas. I have been previously chosen to be the lead actress in many of the plays I’ve done. This allowed me to challenge myself to perform more difficult roles and I also learned how to become a better actress.

I believe I am a great candidate for this position because of my experience and it would be a great experience for me to improve my skills. I would love the opportunity to get the chance to speak to you in an interview to discuss my interest in applying for this position. Thank you for your consideration.


Victoria Aldaco

63866 Fifth Avenue

Home: 784-359-6587

Cell: 784-927-7302

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Victoria Aldaco for a position in theatrics. Ms. Aldaco was one of my best students in theatre. She portrayed skills of collaboration, understanding, quick-thinking, and leadership. Ms. Aldaco works well under pressure as well.

Ms. Aldaco is very flexible in reference to her team. She does not protest under any circumstances and demonstrates exertion in accomplishing the task at hand. Ms. Aldaco is very compassionate towards others. She does not exclude any team member the opportunity to contribute to the performance. If Murphy’s Law were to happen, Ms. Aldaco is quick on her feet to solve the situation. She has exceptional improvisation skills. She always add a positive and approachable environment. Ms. Aldaco shows great responsibility. She never misses a deadline even with people absent, script changes, character changes, deadline dates changes, etc. Although Ms. Aldaco includes everyone, she is not dependent on others. She never fails to be self-motivated. She is well experienced in multiple position in a play. She is an excellent actress and director. As a director, she knows when to be strict and when to be lenient. She shows great courage and leadership skills. As an actress, Ms.Aldaco is very well characterized. She builds connections with the role and express the characters with great depth. Aldaco would be an extraordinary asset to your community.

It would be an honor to recommend Ms. Aldaco for her astounding behavior. Without hesitation, I believe Ms. Aldaco to be an over qualifying candidate. Overall, Ms. Aldaco is an exceptional student. I assure you, you will not be able to find anyone better. If you would like to discuss any further about Ms. Aldaco, you can contact me at or via phone: (915) 667-3686

Best Regards,

Brianna Contreras
El Dorado 9th Grade Academy
El Paso, Tx 79938
Telephone: (915)667-3685



Victoria Aldaco

12345 Tierra Street

(915) 123-4567


Becoming an actress or working in the Theatre Arts field, but my back-up career is becoming a Physical Therapist.


Attended The University of Texas at Austin for 4 years to study acting. Previously in high school, I was the sports trainer for each sport, but mostly basketball. All 4 years of high school, I was in the IB program at El Dorado High School, which was high level classes.


> Cashier at Whataburger for 1 year

> Worked at Day Care Center for 1 year

> Worked at Progressive Insurance for 2 years

> Been in many theatre productions


I volunteer at animal shelters and donate money to homeless shelters, as well. I also donate toys to children in need. I run canned food drives to collect canned food to feed to the hungry. I contribute time for volunteer hours at school to raise money.


I have many awards and certificates for sports, especially basketball. I have received many academic awards for being the top percentages of my graduating class and having outstanding grades.


I play basketball as an extracurricular activity. I am also enrolled in Student Council and NHS (NJHS in high school, as well).


I love to play basketball or any other sport. I am very interested in acting and am fascinated by the idea of performing in front of audiences and making an audience feel certain type of emotions. I also love singing and dancing during my spare time.


> following directions

> being creative

> consistent with my work quality

> work well with others

> hard worker

Persuasive Essay

“What starts here changes the world.” This particular motto for the University of Texas at Austin inspired me to want to attend this school. I believe that people can change the world and this school is a great school to make the first step. I deserve to attend the University of Texas at Austin because I pursue high academic standards and I portray qualities essential for this school.

Primarily, I set high academics standards for myself and strive to accomplish them. For example, throughout my previous years attending school, I sought to maintain a high GPA and expand my knowledge. My parents had an immense impact on my school work because they pushed me to be on top and also had high expectations for me. I not only expanded my knowledge in school, but outside of school, as well. I would read to learn more and my homework also contributed to learning new aspects. Throughout my school years, I managed to keep straight A’s in all of my classes. I pushed myself to stay persistent on my grades and all of that hard work payed off.

Additionally, I believe that I portray certain qualities to continue to expand my knowledge at the University of Texas at Austin. I show qualities of being a hard worker and staying persistent with my grades. I strive to go the extra mile and I do not settle for average. I work hard to get good grades and I do not give up. For example, in previous classes I have been recognized for my hard work and dedication on group projects and individual assignments. My work was usually the example for the class and I was proud of it. I continued to be persistent with my hard work and, therefore, my grades became persistent. Hard work pays off no matter how difficult it may be.

I personally believe that I deserve attend this school and I will contribute abundantly to making the school better. I will work hard to the end and will not give up. I am, in my opinion, a great candidate for the University of Texas at Austin and I plan on pursuing my future at this school.

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