Medieval Manor

By: Bethany Werth

This is a picture of a Medieval Manor. It was the home of the Kings and the serfs who worked the land of the Manor. It was the center of the town. It was the also very protected. As you can see their is a wall surrounding the manor. Their are also trees surrounding it and their is no sign of others houses around the Manor. Their was a moat that protected the enemies. Their were guards and all sort of protection even inside the Manor. There were huge rooms big and extravagant. There was tons of greenery and other things that added to the look of Manor.

This is a medieval moat. It was the water that surrounded the Manor for protection purposes. The guards in the Manor could lift up the draw bridge so that the enemies that tried to attack could fall in the moat. It was very useful and made the Manor look cool too.

This is a picture of a guard prortecting a Medieval Manor. They would stand around the perimeter of the Manor making surte no one could get in. They carried around a sword and shelild. They also wore armor. They had these things with them in case they had to fight people who tried to break in. Their wouold always be more than one so they had better protection. Sometimes people would get in, but most of the time no one would get in.

This is a picture of a bedroom in a Medieval Manor. They were big and extravagant. The Manor would be so big that they would be able to do big rooms like this. The sizes of the bedrooms ranged depending on who's bedroom it was. The King's and Queen's bedroom would be bigger than then the rest. This picture is not big enough to be the King's or Queen's bedroom. This was probably more of a guest bedroom. Everything in the room from the sheets to the table were the best that their was at that time.

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