American Ideals:Current Events: United States begin airstrikes on selected targets belonging to ISIS

Airstrikes were carried out overnight Tuesday into Wednesday (9/16-9/17) against five more targets: four in Iraq and one in Syria, the U.S. Central Command said.

In Syria, a U.S. aircraft and coalition plane struck an ISIS staging area near the Iraqi border, northwest of Al Qa'im, damaging eight ISIS vehicles.

The bombing has focused on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, a city in northern Syria. ISIS has had control of Raqqa for more than a year, imposing its brutal interpretation of Islamic law on the city's residents.

The extremists have made the city, which sits on the banks of the Euphrates River, the de facto capital of their self-declared "Islamic State" that stretches across large areas of Syria and Iraq.

Selected airstrikes in Syria

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Rights and Liberties

The rights and liberties are taken away from the people who are living in Syria and neighboring countries in the middle east because citizens have to deal with a dangerous terrorist organization that kills many individuals in that area of the world. ISIS is imposing their rules and laws on the citizens of the countries that they have strong holds. Subsequently, the United States and its allies are trying to stop ISIS from spreading, by having multiple airstrikes on selected targets all around the middle east to try to arrest ISIS's reign of terror.  This also affects the rights of innocent individuals in the area because their daily routines must be put on hold, because of the bombings.

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