Assignment #3 book connections

Arlene creates hope by helping people learn the language so they can keep the language going. She has hope that it will go on. So she is teaching kids the language.


1. Arlene is trying to save the culture and in the book Mr. P used to want to kill the culture.

2. Arlene try's to spend lots of time with her family and work and together like cooking and shopping. Juniors family sometimes spend a lot of time together especially during holidays.

3.  Arlene has a strong desire not only to continue to teach but also to help people who wants to learn and Mr. P does the same he teaches people who want to learn.

4.  She works  hard to keep my culture and beliefs. Juniors grandmother works hard doing the same also.

5.  Arlene is proud to be Native American just like juniors mom even though they go through struggles she is still proud to be Indian.

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3 years ago

Arlene teaches the language to keep the culture going because she loves being Native American and loves the language.