Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society?

In the documentary SuperSize Me starring and directed by Morgan Spurlock, it explores many issues that are affecting our contemporary society. The issue I have chosen to explore in depth from the documentary was the lack of physical activity in modern American society. This issue affects many to most Americans today. The average person in America takes about 3,500 to 5,000 steps per day when you’re meant to walk 10,000 steps minimum every day. This means Americans are only walking half of the recommended steps per day. In order to stay under 5000 steps per day, Morgan Spurlock would often catch a taxi to where he needed to go. Being a fit and active person this took a toll on his mental and physical health.

One of the reasons Americans and many Australians are unfit is because they eat too much junk food (unhealthy/fast foods) which affects their general wellbeing. This then causes them to become overweight and in some cases obese. Another reason is that their lifestyle can be pretty bland and contains no exercise with many sitting down watching TV. If a child does a team sport at a young age they tend to continue playing as it was brought up as a good thing to do (this is a parents choice). However if a child was to play computer games or console games instead of exercising they can become unfit as they are not doing anything active

Why did Morgan Spurlock believe American’s lived a life with little to no physical activity?

In the documentary American’s are portrayed as being lazy and ignorant and ultimately choose this way of life. This lack of physical activity along with the accessibility of fast food in American society is a major factor. Given the way American society is living today, what would the future generations look like, would people be still be walking 5000 steps a day or will they be doing 1000, this statement could be a reality in 15 years, would you let this happen to yourself and your relatives. Only time will tell…

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