Inspiring Everyone

Teen Sailing Team
Katie Flood and David Hein

Teen Athletes Make Noise
As They Climb the Ranks
Towards Olympic Glory

The youngest sailor on the US Sailing Team and campaigning for the Rio Olympics are the NACRA17 team of Katie Flood and David Hein, AKA/Teen Sailing Team.

These teenagers are working hard to become Olympic Champions, and their training methods are showing true promise. These youth athletes are quickly becoming known in the highschool and collegiate sailing circles around the country, and will become the idols of teenagers everywhere when they come home from Rio with Gold.

Katie and David are a pair of high school students with an unusual passion for an uncommon sport! These teenagers are elite athletes in the sailing world. Their attitudes towards their sport are the same as their school, they know that they have to work hard and earn everything in this world. An attitude that has these young start seeing Gold in their future!

We are in the process of coordinating an on location photoshoot of these remarkable athletes in their training grounds of Miami, Florida. The purpose of the shoot is to highlight the unique qualities of these teenage athletes and show the world that their energy, spirit, enthusiasm and raw ambition is what drives the success of their entire generation.

The photos will be used online, in print materials, as PR photos and will be utilized by their sponsors and supporters over the next year.

We are seeking a designer clothing company to provide wardrobe for the photoshoot in both elegant and casual wear and or in sponsoring the team in the teams pursuit of Olympic glory!

Contact David Hein directly at 216-210-3598. or visit Website at