Theta Phi Alpha

It's not four years but for life

Going Greek

Growing up seeing how sororities were presented in the media and in movies I believed that I would never join a sorority. Once going through informal recruitment and seeing how relaxed and not stereotypical Theta Phi was I knew I had found my place at UD. Being a transfer student who knew almost no one, this was perfect.


The best part of joining a sorority in my opinion is the sisterhood. You meet so many great, fun loving girls you might not have otherwise. You gain a support system of many sisters who would gladly pick up the phone at 1am to listen to you vent. No matter where you are on campus there is always a smiling sister waving at you. There are always things to do with sisters throughout the year. In this past year we have run a color run together, had movie nights, went to Scene 75, and went pottery painting. You also gain roommates. I live with two sisters now and it is amazing!


There are so many opportunities in Theta Phi. There are many chances throughout the semester to bond, volunteer, grow, and chances for leadership. You can be a part of the executive board, help plan socials, be on a committee, become a big, or be on the slate board. There is something for everyone in Theta Phi.

Why I Love Theta Phi

I love my sorority for many reasons. While we get to have a bunch of fun and wear cute clothes with our letters it is much more than that. It helped me grow as a person when I was elected to be this years New Member Educator with Pam. I am constantly learning new things! I gained friendships that will last beyond the four years of college. I also gained a support system. Whether I need someone to talk to, go out with, or chill with, someone is always there for me. It is a home away from home.

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