summer vacation
Jordan W.

    This year my summer vacation was awesome, although we didn't travel this year I still made amazing memories and had a blast! I kicked off my summer this year with a softball tournament. I was extremely proud of how well our team did this year, we started out as the underdogs and then finished in second place. Another thing that I participated in this summer was an all star game. My two friends and I were selected to play in the all star game (Mckenzie left, Grace right.) We did really well and won the whole thing. Lastly, like every other year my extended family came down from Olympia and we went to silverwood together. This year, I was finally talked into going on one of their tallest rides; aftershock. At first I was super nervous, but once the ride started it was really fun and my cousin and I went on it again after that. So, even though this year I didn't really do that many adventurous things, I still made the most out of it and had an awesome time! #Greenacresrockinsummer2014  #kettner #tech2

softball tournament.
All Star Game.
My dad on the bumper boats in silverwood.
My brother at silverwood.
The misfits 2014.

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3 years ago

Great job Jordan. What position do you play in softball?