History and Background

Nicaragua is about as big a Missouri. Their population is 6.08 million compared to Missouri at 6.064 million.

Some of their biggest cities are Managua with 973,087, which is their capital and then it jumps to 144,538 as number two in León.

They speak many languages in Nicaragua. Spanish, Nicaragua Creole English, Garífuna, Miskito, Rama, Sumo-Mayangna, Nicaraguan sign language, Matagalpa, Monimbo, and Subtiaba.

69% are mestizos, 17% white, 9% of African descent, 5% Native American

They are a republic, friendly with US, as we help aid and solve their problems.

Off the coast pacific side coast line they have volcanoes, some still being active. Working inland you will find mountains, mixed forrest of oak or pine, and deep valleys. On the Caribbean lowland they have streams, bays, lagoons, and this is where the most fertile soil is.

Nicaragua was founded September 15, 1821.

Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba founded Nicaragua.

Wanted to overthrow first Mexican empire and then finally became their own republic.


1) Masaya Area, Granada and the Islets- This is the Masaya active volcano and national park. There is also a small museum dedicated to the volcanoes history.

2) The Mombacho Natural Reserve and Canopy tour- A tropical cloud forrest, a paradise for natures lovers. Incredible views and can see an extinct volcano and work through the forrest.

3) The Cerro Negro Active Volcano- On the black mountains get to see another active volcano.

4) Laguna de Apoyo- a break, hidden paradise just outside of town.

5) Leon City- Historical city, features one of the oldest monuments in Central America, also have an art museum.

6) Managua City- see the new presidents house and the house that was destroyed by an earthquake.

7) Huellas de Acahualinca- Old footprints over six thousand years old, with interesting questions. Were they fleeing a volcano? Or maybe going on a swim?

Food- you see some of the same foods as you would in America with eggs and other items on the menu. But they add interesting ingredients to their meals from the culture they have had.

Authentic food found in Leon market place. or central park in Granada for vigoron from a street side vendor, in the coastal cities you'll find very good seafood.

McDonalds are also in Nicaragua with authentic food with other chains of restaurants.

Going to visit?

United Airlines, 629 dollars round trip, one stop, flight leaves at either 6 am and gets there at 11:16 am, or you can leave at 2:08 and arrive at 8:30. Same price your choice. Can find cheaper, different airlines, more stops, etc.

November through May is the best time to travel to Nicaragua.

Stay at Hotel Granada Nicaragua. 4.1 stars out of 5. Check in June 1 check out June 8.

161 a night

Best way to get around is local transportation and you get good scenic views.

10 dollars a ticket to ride the bus, 20 round trip

Can eat a mixture of american chains along with seafood and their cultural foods. It says typical meal is 4 US dollars.

The cost seem about average, maybe a little lower in some areas and more in other areas.

Passport must be valid, tourist visa required (not required on stays 90 days or less), vaccinations for hepititas a, b, rabies, and typhoid.

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