Non Invasive Cardiologist

Bri Barnett

What is an Non invasive cardiologist?

Cardiologists treat disease and injury of the heart and cardiovascular system. Cardiologists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and intervention of diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system. Cardiologists are medical doctors who specialize in heart and blood vessel disease. They help patients prevent diseases as well as diagnose and treat those who already have them. Non invasive cardiologist do everything except preform surgeries.

Required skills and abilities to be a cardiologist:

  • To be very knowledgeable about the cardiovascular system.
  • To be able to perform and interpret specialized tests and procedures.
  • To have a high level of responsibility and the confidence to make decisions in emergencies.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The confidence and sound knowledge to correctly diagnose and consult with patients.
  • Compassion, self-motivation and the ability to work under pressure for long hours.
  • To be willing to undertake ongoing research.

Why are these skills required?

These requirements are required because these are tasks you will be performing on an everyday basis.

Educational requirements:

Aspiring cardiologists need to obtain their bachelor's degree and then enroll in a medical school program. After graduating from medical school, they complete several years of internal medicine and cardiology training in a residency program. They must also become licensed as physicians by their state and pass a certification exam in their specialty.

Prerequisite college courses (2-4 years)

Medical school (4 years)

Internal medicine residency (3 years)

Cardiology fellowship (2-3 years

State licensure required

Board certification desired by most employers.

University with a good cardiology program?

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center out of Dallas, TX. Cardiologists at the center treat about 600 patients each month.

Whats the salary of a non invasive cardiologist?

Median Annual Salary (2015) is  $355,281

Future outlook for cardiologist:

Jobs as Cardiologist are easy to find any where almost in the US. This career will always be around due to the fact heart disease will continue to occur in people everywhere.


This career might appeal to people who have interests in the medical field, heart disease, heart problems, how the heart works, the cardiovascular system, or interests in how blood pumps.

Similar careers:

Thoracic surgeon: Heart surgeon

Oncologist: Cancer doctor

Radiologist: Diagnoses patients through x-ray

Why does cardiology interest me?

Cardiology interests me because my dad and I both have heart disease, and I have been interested in how the heart works since I was little.

Why do I think i am a good fit for a career as a non invasive cardiologist?

I believe i'd be a good fit for the job because i am so interested and consumed by the idea of how the human heart works and provides for the body. I believe I will have all the skills necessary to be cardiologist as I grow older.

American Heart Association's cardiologists discuss important topics:

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