Undercover Detective


An undercover detective conducts investigations of suspected or confirmed criminal activity while impersonating a disinterested third party. They do this by joining in with a group or posing as a person interested in purchasing illegal goods or services.

Required skills

Critical Thinking Skills:

Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approached to problems

Social Perspective:

Being aware of others reactions and understanding why they react as they do


Talking to others so they can convey information effectively

Active Listening:

Giving full attention to what other people are saying so that you can get your job done

to become an undercover cop:

You will need to have:

*High school diploma

*Bachelors and Associates degree (in criminal justice, police science or law enforcement)

*Complete police academy training

*Gain experience by first being a law enforcement officer

Local jobs

CITY:                 START OFF:          ANNUALLY AVERAGE:          POTENTIALLY:

Austin,TX       $48,895                   $59,373                                          $69,851

Burleson,TX   $42,330                  $51,450                                          $60,472

Mansfeild,TX $51,912                   $63,036                                          $74,159

Being an undercover cop/detective can result in putting yourself in danger. It also means that you might develop a good relationship with someone that you might also have to testify against in court. Another, hard thing to deal with is your mission might not only last for days, but it can also go into months and maybe even years.


If you don't completely blow your cover you will be successful in this field.


You can find 1.1 million undercover detective/cops in the United States.


This career can spikes someones interest because it's like you are living in a constant suspense movie, not knowing what will happen next. You also get to understand how others  live their lives and have a better out look on life.


Any other law enforcement fields could be a replacement if you couldn't find any paying opportunities around you.


Why ?

I chose this career because I am really entertained by TV shows that highlight undercover detectives/cops. I think it is rather interesting how one person can go above and behind to find justice. I personally couldn't be an under cop because I wouldn't want to be that close to a criminal.


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