OPTM Health Care-Degenerative Disc Disease

OPTM Health Care (P) Ltd & AG herbs, two complimentary companies, under one roof, was founded by Apurba Ganguly, who invented the 'AG Electro Pulse Therapy' for Pain Management, and started treating patients from his own clinic named 'Krish Pain Treatment & Research Centre' (in Kolkata, West Bengal, India), This was in 1991, Dr Apurba Ganguly in addition to treating patients at his own clinic, travelled widely in all major cities of India and also a few different places abroad to treat patients. The therapy soon became popular and in February 1994, in a press conference in the presence of press personnel, eminent Doctors/ Principals of Medical Colleges, Senior Orthopeadic Surgeons, Apurba Ganguly briefed the Principle of this Therapy and administered free treatment to establish the effectiveness of the treatment.

What is Degenerative disc disease?

Degenerative disc is a condition when the in vertebral disc of the spine gets degenerated. No doubt some people experiences extreme pain and fails to lead a normal life. You should know that the problem arises with aging, but it is not a common problem. In other words, you could say that degenerative disc disease usually takes place in the spine, but mostly it occurs in the discs covering cervical region that is neck and lumbar region that is the lower portion of the back.

What causes degenerative disc disease?

Primarily, it is seen that degenerative disc disease occurs with age when spinal cord begins to degenerate. You should know that fluid reduces from your disc resulting in less flexibility of the disc. Thus, the disc fails to act as shock absorbers. At the same time, it reduces the gap between the vertebras by making it thinner. Sometimes it is also seen that the wear and tear of the annulus capsule of the disc results in oozing of the jelly like fluid. As a result the disc bends, rupture and break into pieces.
People who are into the habit of smoking should be aware of this. In addition to this, you should avoid putting on weight and stop doing any heavy physical activity because all these are equally responsible for causing the disease. Make sure that your herniated disc is perfectly alright because a slight injury might accentuate the problem.

What are the symptoms of degenerative disc disease?

Some of the common symptoms are:

  • You might experience a chronic pain which occurs in the lower portion of your back
  • While walking you might feel pain in the thighs, buttocks or hips
  • Sometimes, numbness or weakness is also observed in the fingers as well
  • Pain could be experienced during bending and sitting
  • In addition to this, pain also takes place in the cervical spine stretching to head, shoulder
  • Many people also face headaches and vertigo

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