When was your last romantic evening?

Part 1

Romance is a vital part of a strong marriage. It is not always easy to incorporate romance into our everyday life, however it is essential.

Sometimes we mistake sex for romance. Sex is the act itself, but romance involves all of the senses. It took me many years to understand why I was not satisfied with my romantic relationship with my husband. We did engage in the act of sex itself, but it seemed as if something was missing.

I complained that he was not romantic enough and demanded that he fix it. I later learned that his intentions were good, but he didn't have a clue as to what I was expecting. This inspired me to do research in the area of romance and I was amazed at what I discovered.

The major discovery was that men and women view romance so differently. Our definitions weren't even close. This explained why when I mentioned romance to my husband, he thought that I meant for him to rush out a buy me a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolate. He had know idea what I was expecting.

Well, I decided to show him what I was looking for and prayed that he was able to duplicate it. He finally got the idea and is doing so much better. Know, don't think that he has mastered it, but he is better at it that he was this time last year.

Tomorrow I will share some of his ideas.

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