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K-12 Applications

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Poll Everywhere

What is it? Poll everywhere is an application that can be used to poll an audience. The audience can respond using their mobile devices. Responses can be show in real time via powerpoint/keynote presentation or from the poll everywhere website.

How can it be used? This app can be used for a variety of tasks in a classroom setting. The teacher could use it for a study session with the students and go over the responses. This method could indicate which areas students may have trouble. The teacher could then focus on those areas and perhaps provide some alternative study materials for the students.


What is it? Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google and is available for computers and mobile devices running on various operating systems. Some of which include: android, windows, mac OS, and iOS. Chrome users have access to the app store in which various free educational apps are available.

How can it be used? A high school chemistry class can use the interactive periodic table app by ChemNinja. This app provides detailed information on every element. Now the teacher does not need to hand out copies of periodic tables to their students for class use. The paper copies are also overcrowded, while the ChemNinja app presents the information in a spacious and organized manner. The app can only be opened through the Chrome app launcher requiring the students to have a Chrome account.


What is it? Goanimate is an app that allows for the creation of animated videos. It offers free access allowing users to create videos from a select number of templates.

How can it be used? Students could create short instructional videos about a topic discussed in class. Videos could be created for multiple subjects and discuss anything from the life cycle of a butterfly to some approaches for dealing with cyberbullying.

Choose Your Path Free

What is it? Choose your path free is an interactive story in which the reader chooses how to progress the story.

How can it be used? In this choose you own adventure type of story students can read through and write a reflection on how their adventure unfolded. This would be an excellent creative writing exercise for a language arts class.

Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters

What is it? Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters is an apple app where students can create a dialogue about any real or fictitious news event. Tom & Ben will read the dialogue created by the student.

How can it be used? This app could be used in a social studies class where groups of students can develop their own news story. Students could be graded on the quality of their narrative. The story presented could be fictional or realistic. Allowing students freedom over their own work would be excellent to develop their confidence and creative expression.

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