Bloody Sunday

By:Madeline Ortiz


It all started at a town named Marion in Alabama where whites used to treat blacks unfairly in the 1960s. The community wanted to have a peacefully march from Selma to Montgomery on March 7th. Why they want to do this? To ask governor Wallace to stop police from hurting them while they were trying to get their rights. When Wallace denied the blacks from doing their march Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went to the White House to talk to president Lyndon B. Johnson to delay the march to the 8th. The blacks can't wait to March 8th so they went on Sunday March 7th. When the marchers were almost in the city, a large line of state troopers were blocking the path to the city. When the marchers cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge the troopers ordered them to go back home.

But the blacks won't listen. So the troopers attacked them.

A bloody tragedy

Police and troopers started putting gas masks on and letting out tear gas. Tear gas is a gas that affects the eyes, nose, and mouth. The gas makes your eyes hurt and makes you cough a lot. Then the troops used batons to hit the blacks. There are men, women, and even children get beaten. Some of them were even killed. This is a scene or sneak peak of disney's Selma Lord Selma of bloody sunday and the events that happen shortly after that.

Troopers beating the blacks.

Where is Selma?

To walk from Selma to Montgomery would take about 3 days of marching.

The Aftermath

After that day Martin Luther King Jr. tried 2 more times. The 3rd time it was successful thanks to president Johnson's permission. Also president Johnson banned the Voting Rights Act from 1964 so that everyone can vote black or white. But the fight is not over yet. Martin Luther King Jr. still have to make peace for blacks and whites. That's another story.

Martin Luther King Jr. marching for the 3rd time