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An Australia Representation of Super Size Me

Australians are known for their physical fitness, we are a leading country when it comes to sports, whether it be: Cricket, Swimming, athletics or Hockey. We are among the elite in the world. The way the Fast Food industry is going, not only Australia other countries physical health will begin to suffer.

It is becoming easier and easier to get fast food. Parents claim 'they get it because they work late.' But when has your family's health become less important than just getting a quick bite. Being an Australian male, watching Super Size Me I was fascinated on the excuses Americans were coming up with reasons why they are overweight. They blame the Fast Food restaurants, which is absurd. The fast Food companies do not force you to eat their food. I noticed that Americans know their Fast Food Icons better than they know their countries founding fathers and significant people. Three women could not recite the pledge of allegiance, but the could remember the recipe to the McDonald's famous Big Mac.

We as a nation are not big consumers of Fast Food as we Idolize athletes, and strive to become like them. Australians are known for their determination, sheer grit and hard work. We as a nation are stronger then the Fast Food companies. Australia show the companies who's boss.

And ask them "Are you Lovin' it?"

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2 years ago

Bailey, here is some feedback to support your final blog submission
-Perhaps a hyperlink attached to the word 'leading' in the opening sentence to a webpage supporting this assertion would reinforce your ideas. Conversely you could hyperlink the word 'elite' to a page about someone in particular such as Sally Pearson, Don Bradmen or Steve Hooker.
-The claim made by parents requires a hyperlink
-Punctuation is important. Missing a question mark.
-At one point you refer to the American women who are unable to recite the pledge of allegiance. Connecting this to an Australian example would reinforce this idea of 'an Australian representation', perhaps forgetting the national anthem or the song of your footy team...
-'stronger than' not stronger then