Cyber Security Report

Cyber Security Report, Mrs. Deister, 4/25/14

1. Cyber Security is also referred as information technology security. Cyber security provides protection for variety of public and private institutions. They include governments, military, corporations, financial institutions, hospitals and other businesses.

2. Cyber security protects computers, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction.Cyber security professionals prevent and protect information from cyber-attacks.

3. If someone is gadget addict, then that person has capability to use electronics more than other people. If someone likes to solve puzzles, that may help his/her career as cyber security professionals, since computer is like a puzzle. If someone wishes to save the day, cyber security suits him/her. Cyber security is providing protection, so that means that he/she is saving others' computer. If complex situation does not overwhelm the person, that person is very calm and is able to solve the problem with ease. If one has imagination, cyber security can provide lots of ways to spread out that imagination while saving people's data. If someone's good listener, he/she can listen well to instructions and complaints from others to improve cyber security. If someone is team player, then that person can cooperate well when cyber attacks occur. If someone is multitasking well, that person can save several personal data in short period of time. Staying one top of the learning road will make the person be ready for cyber protection faster. Paying attention to details means that the person can examine thoroughly and cover up mistakes.

I do not think I am suited for this job because I am not good at puzzle solving nor I am calm when complex situation happens.


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