#What About Me?

by: MaKayla C. #tech21


This is Rachel Anderson (middle), Kenzie (left), and I (right) on the last day of school last year at her house right before summer officially started! We have been best friends since June 19th 2005, due to when we lost our Frisbee down at her house and we met because her dog took it! We still do everything together always!

This is where we practice evry Thursday night and we also have some games here

When I was about to start kindergarten, I had my first soccer game. I didn’t really want to play soccer but my brother wanted us to play for him, so we stared and learned to love the game we play every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We are now on a club team called, Soccer Edge Academy. We have girls from all over the Spokane, some are from the Northside, others are from Cheney, and the Southside, and most of them are from the valley. I have been with my coach for 3-4 years and he’s a great coach!

this is my favorite gum and i have it in my locker.

In my locker I have a whole lot of random things, like gum wrappers and gum, I have random magnets for when I need to hang things up in my locker to remember them, I also have 2 locker shelves so I can have all my composition note books and thin folders on the top with my stuff from #kettner and other teachers. In the middle I have my backpack and pencil pouch, along with my pencil sharpener. Finaly on the bottom I have all my binders and text books and bigger note books that can't fit up at the top.

I have two of these in my locker to hold all of my school and sports stuff.