Vivian Malone Jones

Vivian Malone Jones was born on July 15, 1942 in Mobile, Alabama. Vivian is best known for enrolling in a all-white university. (University of Alabama). Vivian has many accomplishments in her life. Vivian had done many wonderful things. Vivian is brave, determined, and peaceful.

Vivian is very brave. Vivian is brave because she enrolled in a all-white university. She didn't care what people think. Vivian was one of the first African American to enroll in a all-white university. Vivian was an Civil Rights activist. Vivian worked with Martin Luther King Jr.

Vivian is determined. Vivian is determined because she was determined to be one of the two African Americans to enroll and graduate from an all-white university. Also because she earned and received an Bachelor's degree in business education.

Vivian is peaceful. Vivian is peaceful because she stayed calm and didn't argued back with the people. She didn't care what people thought of her and what she was doing. Vivian joined the civil rights division of the U.S Department of Justice.

Later on in life she became old and died of a stroke at age 63. She died on October 13, 2005. She now is resting peacefully.

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