Vietnam war

By: Gavin Lee

Who: Communist(north Vietnam), Government(south Vietnam), china, soviet union, U.S., Ho Chi Minh, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Ngo Dinh Diem,

What:Vietnam was owned by France, but Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh wanted his country to be free from France and all the allies agreed that France should own Vietnam. U.S.A. was concerned that if Vietnam won Communism might spread all over south Asia.

When: In 1955-1975 the war took 20 years to end the Vietnam war. 1950 the U.S. sent aid to help France. Vietnam declared war on France Vietnam was split into north and south Vietnam and in 1956 a election will put them in unity again.

Where: The war mostly took place in France, North and South Vietnam with aid from the U.S., and the Soviet union(Afghanistan).

Why: The Vietnam happened because Vietnam wanted independence from France. Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh asked the U.S. if they could help them beat France for independence.

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