by Jeronimo cardona O.

Intruduction Today I am gona tell you my book about Cars.

Fun fact: Henry ford invented ford.

Orazio pagani invented the pagani.              

What are some types of cars:

The Koeniggse Agera R is the fastest car in all the world (on race)

One type of Lamborghini have only 1 seat and 1 door.

The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest car on road.

That are some cars.

Were cars live:

Cars live in:

Russia,Europe,Asia,Australia and Italy (in all the world)

Cars live in all the world.

Cars travel all the world.

What cars eat:

Why cars eat gas, gasolin and oil.Because if the car don´t eat it´s stop.

Fact: If a car don´t eat it´s stop.

Now what cars eat.

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