The Declaration of Indepenedence

Preamble- The 13 colonies need to be separate from Great Britain.  This is why the Declaration of Independence is being written.  All men have rights.  They deserve freedom.

Declaration of Natural Rights- All men are created all equal.  This section talks about the rights that we have as citizens of the United States of America.  It says that there government is a republic which means the people rule.  John Locke said that we have natural rights to life, liberty, and property.  This is said in this part of the DOI.

List of Grievances-

1. he refused to listen to the government

2. he is not letting the government pass important laws unless they go through him first.

3. he didn't pass any laws for the colonist unless it benefited him.

4. he has called meets at places where not all could be there.

5. He won't allow house of representatives

6. He won't allow anyone to be elected to become head of the government.

7. He won't allow expansion of the colonies.

8.he doesn't allow trials in the colonies.

9. he has made the judges loyal to him for there term.

10. he harasses people with his power.

11. he has brought over soldiers when the colonist did not want them over there.

12. he gave the military the ability to do what ever they have to do to keep the colonist under control.

13. he is forcing the colonist to do things that they do not want to do.

14. he is given up and is declaring war on the colonists.

15. he has ruined everything the colonists have built.

16. he is bringing large amounts of troops in to defeat the colonists.

17. he has taken colonists as prisoners.

18. he is the reason for the war between the colonists and great Britain.

Resolution of Independence

This stating the reasons for writing the Declaration of Independence.

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