Professional Development

How do you create a culture of engagement and motivation in your classroom?

Whole Brain Teaching

While you watch the video, jot down one thing that SURPRISES you, one thing you want to know MORE about and one QUESTION you still have.


Make groups that include one representative from each grade level or department and discuss what you wrote down

Doug Lemov is the creator and author of "TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION"

He argues that there are 5 techniques to teaching "like a champion"

TECHNIQUE #1: NO OPT OUT - it's not okay to not try

TECHNIQUE #2: RIGHT IS RIGHT - right is 100% right, nothing is partially right

TECHNIQUE #3: STRETCH IT - learning can & should continue after right answer

TECHNIQUE #4: FORMAT MATTERS - knowledge expressed clearly and effectively

TECHNIQUE #5: WITHOUT APOLOGY - don't let the way you talk lower expectations

"Teach Like a Champion provides educators with a set of techniques, a shared vocabulary, and a framework for practice that equip teachers to achieve dramatic results with their students. Our resources are used by schools throughout the world."


Activity to brainstorm/collaborate on how to increase engagement and motivation using some of the skills/methods taught today

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