The Achiever, the Peacemaker, the Builder           and the Creative One

How Can Birth Order Effect You and Your Future? By, Ava W.

Have you ever wondered if you will be more successful than your younger brother?

Have you ever wondered why your older sister is so shy?

Well if you have, your questions are about to be answered! Today you are going to learn about the positions of birth order and their effects on YOU!

The Perfect One

This part of the article is for those of you out there who are an oldest child, those of you who live or lived with an oldest child, or those of you expecting. The oldest child, the perfectionist and the Perfect one. All parents have an oldest child. All parents are new when the oldest child comes around. All parents are bound to make a few mistakes.The oldest child is the one that the parents will try things out on. The parents are making mistakes but they are also doing something that they don’t understand then. They are giving this new baby too much attention. This will later affect the child. The child loves their parents over everything else, but this means they will do anything to please them. The child hates it when they get in trouble because they believe they are letting their parents down. This is where they become a Perfectionist. All but too soon they are not the only child anymore. The oldest longs for the attention they once had. Because the second child is the one that “stole their thunder”, the oldest strongly dislikes the second child. Oldest children quickly find that they should like the second child because they see that that would please their parents, but it still takes time.The oldest child has very strong motivation to be good, they will do anything to get attention from their parents. The oldest child wants to be perfect. They want to please the parents in any way possible. They will try to be good in school and start to develop into a perfectionist. As the oldest boy starts to grow, he will start to develop different personality traits from the oldest girls. The oldest boy will become serious, he will want to look mature compared to the baby. He will be intrigued by daring activities like sports to look better than the baby. The oldest boy is a very personal character. He will most likely have two or three good friends instead of nine or ten okay friends. He will become “ the guardian of the status quo”. The mix of his personality and his place in the family, he will become reserved and serious. Because the parents are finally getting hold of the rains on this “kid” thing, they will suddenly be very eager to prepare the first and second child for the world. They will start a big unit on manners, they will want the children to look like they are sophisticated at a young age. This usually leads to good grammar and language in the oldest child. The oldest girl has a very different personality than the oldest boy. They often have a strong sense of confidence and a high motive to be the best. They unlike the oldest boys personality of having a few friends have several friends and tend to be the life of the party. The oldest sister will enjoy acting like a mother to the second child. They will enjoy taking care of things like the second child, pets or even toys. The oldest child will become harsh and hostile towards the second child if they are cuter or better at something. The oldest girl will almost never admit to weakness. During the time where the second child is being taken care of by the mother, the oldest child will develop a good relationship with their dad. The oldest child can become sarcastic and act like they are older than they are because the imitate the parents behavior. As they get older the oldest child will turn things they used to do for attention into regular habits, such as being: quiet,tidy, responsible, helpful, helpful nurturing and grown-up. The adult oldest child is most likely to go into medicine, social work, acting, personnel or sports.

The oldests own words

Mother Kim Turner says that her oldest child is very logical. She says that her oldest was very independant and that she wanted to figure things out by herself. “When she was four she wanted to learn how to tie her shoes.” Kim says, “She must’ve sat on the stairs for three hours trying to figure it out. She didn't want any help.” Kiana Terrell another oldest child says “It depends on what, but I do remember when I was four I was determined to learn how to scoop ice cream. I didn't want any help. I was and still am very determined”

The Peacemaker

The second child, the peacemaker. The second child is in the hands of the now well capable parents. The parents now know what to expect from the child because of their experience with the oldest child. Unlike the oldest child, the middle child does not hold a grudge. They believe in peace on earth and often they are the one that gets between fights between the youngest and the oldest. The oldest child and the middle child are the most likely to be opposites. The middle child has far more friends than the oldest child because of their outgoing personality and their ability to be friendly all the time. The middle child and the oldest girl have some things in common: they both are often the life of the party and both have many friends. Though the middle child is kind and care-free they are still most likely to be opposites with the oldest child. This means that either their differences will cause them to be great friends or they will not be able to stand each other. The middle child will cool and calm. They often will have a good sense of humor. They are very popular because of their wit and charm. The middle child is very respectable for their organization. They have a large amount of common sense and (most of the time) they know how to use it. They will start to develop traits that will help them in life such as understanding, cooperative and flexible. They are good natured yet competitive. They will be affectionate and won't like being in trouble but children will be children and they might be the most mischievous person in the family. The roles of celebrities and presidents are often filled with middle children, such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Steve Trump.

Note to the middle child: you and your older siblings will never excel at the same thing. You are the equal and opposite of your older siblings. But your amazing talents in being witty, charming and overall social will help to make your mark in your family structure or a larger scene.

The Baby

The baby of the family is always special. They grow in the hands of their parents and their one or more older siblings. They are the last of their parents children. Meaning, the parent will cherish the baby behaviors as the child gets older causing the youngest to mature slowly. The youngest will have problems doing things by themselves because they have always had someone to do it for them. They youngest girl will love to build and create. The youngest girl can be overly emotional and dramatic. Because they are compared to their older siblings the parents sometimes expect an equal amount of greatness. The youngest child (preferably the girl) can be hysterical at times but at others completely ridiculous. They will have a hard time being serious.

The youngest’s own words

Youngest girl Samantha Binning when asked about her future replied with: “I want to be an actress or a writer.” The youngest girl has big dreams and she is determined to get them. The youngest girl can forceful to get what she wants and sometimes blind to others opinions. Many comedians are youngest children such as the famous, Robin Williams. Briggs Maynor, another youngest child answered “I want to be an actor.” Briggs said that it depends on their age but that the youngest child is strange and wild. He also says that beside the confident and outgoing personality the youngest likes to be organized and all planned out. He agrees with Sami in the fact that many youngest children like to create and build.

The Lonely Child

The only child. The lonely one. The only child has a sad time with no siblings, but they have many personality traits that will help them in the future. One of those traits is that with all the time they spent alone it makes them very imaginative. Only child Kim Turner says “When I was little I used to set up my stuffed animals around the monopoly board and have them all play with me.” Because of no children to talk to hey develop a very sophisticated vocabulary from their conversations with adults. Because they spend so much time alone they will be very independent, this is a good trait for adults. “My independence helped me when I went to college and when I moved to a new city with my husband.”

All in all, I want you to know that I may not have said that you were amazing at reading. I may not have said that you are gifted in soccer. But I want you to know: you are your own special person and their is no stereotype oldest, middle, youngest or only. You are the only you.

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